Socialization Training

October 21, 2023 7:30am, November 2, 2023 4:30pm, November 18, 2023 9am

Socialization Training is not play dates and snuggles from strangers. Socialization training is teaching your dog how to behave around people, animals, and a variety of sounds, objects, and movement in their everyday environment. Social Neutrality is what every pet parent should strive forl. A socially neutral dog can go anywhere. In this class you will be given the tools to:

-teach your dog social neutrality

-condition an Autowatch

-teach your dog how to avoid conflict

-build your dogs confidence thru socialization

-develop handler attentiveness during socialization

In addition to socialization training, your dog will learn a Yes marker and a free cue.

location of class: 1918 West Tanya Trail Phoenix, AZ 85086

duration of class: 2 hours

fee: $85 per dog, per class. $310 for all four classes

*Pre-requisite: Leash Pressure Training

*one dog per handler