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5 Reasons to Train Your Dog

Training is an important part of any dog’s life and is important for more than a few reasons. Outside of being important for the dog, it is also crucial for the dog owner and the relationship between the two. Training your dog builds the relationship dynamic between owner and pup, builds a foundation for trust, and ultimately improves the way you communicate with your dog, and vice versa.

Training a dog is a lot of work and takes serious time, commitment, and effort. The last thing that I would want anyone to do is to become so frustrated with their pup that they give up training altogether! If you cannot find the time to train your dog or are all out of resources, then give me a call. My name is Missy Dallas, and I am a dog trainer in Phoenix. I offer a few different dog training options that include both dog boarding and training and in-person private dog training. Give me a call today to get started.

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1. Training Helps Build Good Habits and Eliminate Bad Ones

Reward-based training, which is an integral part of dog training, is enjoyable for the dog and positively enhances the relationship between dog and owner. This approach revolves around positive reinforcement or rewarding behaviors that we like. Rewards can be in the form of food, praise, freedom, affection, play, socialization, or exercise when the dog performs a “good” behavior, whether it is ignoring a dog or another person.

Reward-based training is a great method because it generally ignores “unwanted” behavior. Because the dog is not being rewarded for the bad behavior, they will eventually stop doing it. It is important to note here that some dog owners yell or get angry when their dog does something bad, but dogs perceive this as attention (which they crave), thus reinforcing the undesirable behavior.

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2. Your Dog Become More Sociable

As your dog learns to respect boundaries and behave properly in social situations, other dogs and people will be more comfortable around them as all. There is nothing worse than taking your dog out and having them growl and bark aggressively at every passerby or dog that walks by. It’s annoying for you as a dog owner, but not great for your dog because they begin to see every stranger as a threat.

If your dog should ever become lost or need to be placed in a shelter, being well-trained only increases their chances of being helped or placed with a good family.

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3. It Helps Alleviate Stress

For both the dog and you! If you don’t properly train your dog, you are doing them a lot of harm in the long run. Well-trained dogs can integrate well with humans and are generally more calm and relaxed. A dog that hasn’t been properly trained is more aggressive and scared, which leads to anxious behaviors. Anxious behaviors are often destructive, involving things like chewing up pillows and tearing up the house. Training your dog helps them feel more secure and much less likely to act out.

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4. You Better Understand Your Dog

While you won’t ever be able to speak dog, training your pup gives you a good understanding of your dog’s needs. You begin to understand how your dog communicates, whether it is through facial expressions, tail movements, or body language. You can identify certain behaviors and figure out what their triggers are. Understanding your dog helps you avoid certain situations that your dog is not yet trained to be in, and can also help you anticipate certain reactions, which can be really important, especially in new situations.

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5. Training Keeps Your Dog in Great Mental Shape

Dogs, similar to humans, need to engage in activities that would stimulate their brains to ensure proper development. No matter if you have an overly energetic puppy or senior dog, pups of any age should get a regular dose of mentally enriching exercises. Training will keep your dog occupied and their brain stimulated to play, discover, and learn. When done in tandem with exercise, training is usually guaranteed to tire your pup out, which can be a great reward for you as a dog owner, especially at the end of the day.

Dog Training in Phoenix

If you want to learn how you can better train your dog, whether you have a young pup or an old dog, then I am at your service! I work with dog owners in the Scottsdale area, providing them with the necessary tools and information about their dogs so that they can better train and live with their dogs. I provide both in-person dog training and a board and train program, which is an immersive program for dogs that need extra help. Give me a call today to learn more about my programs or to sign up.