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My name is Missy Dallas, and I started Active Canine Training Solutions so dog owners in Scottsdale and surrounding areas can get the help they need in training their dogs effectively and efficiently. I have extensive experience training my own two pups, Feisty and Kiah, who both needed singular training regimes that fit their needs, but I have also been working with dogs (besides my own) for years! Throughout my years of experience, I have found that training a dog takes patience, acceptance, and most importantly, perseverance.

I work with dog owners to find their pup’s motivators and triggers so we can identify certain issues and work from the ground up in solving them. Training a dog is dynamic work, and most often takes the help of a professional who understands dogs and knows how to help change their behaviors. Whether you have just gotten a puppy or adopted a sweet pup and are looking for dog behavior training in Scottsdale, please give me a call! I provide both...